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By Eva Taylor and Jamie McGeever FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The European Central Bank has dropped Citigroup (C.N) from its experts' working group on foreign exchange, days after the U.S. bank was fined by U.S. ...

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These top students are members of The World-Herald’s 2020 All State Academic Team. They’re completing their outstanding high school careers with a senior year like no other, filled with home-bound

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image caption The report highlighted that "ECB mode" preserves patterns, and is "a bad idea" The report also says that Zoom does not use end-to-end encryption "as most people understand the term". Apr 08, 2020 · Zoom documentation claims that the app uses “AES-256” encryption for meetings where possible. However, in our testing, a single AES-128 key was used in ECB mode by all meeting participants to encrypt and decrypt audio and video. The use of ECB mode is not recommended because patterns present in the plaintext are preserved during encryption.

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Zoom Client for Meetings through 4.6.9 uses the ECB mode of AES for video and audio encryption. Within a meeting, all participants use a single 128-bit key. CVE-2020-11470

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Apr 04, 2020 · Bruce Schneier on Zoom. Bruce Schneier: I’m okay with AES-128, but using ECB (electronic codebook) mode indicates that there is no one at the company who knows anything about cryptography. […] In the meantime, you should either lock Zoom down as best you can, or — better yet — abandon the platform altogether. aes的ecb模式Before I start, I must say that Zoom is my standard VC package and I love its performance and easy of setup. 在开始之前,我必须说Zoom是我的标准VC软件包,我喜欢它的性能和易于安装的特性。 For cryptography one of the first lesso...

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