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I have been tuning vm.kmem.size and vfs.zfs.arc_max values to attempt to get this settled down and think I may be there now. I'll close this post out with the folowing observaton/recommendation - If you are or have a mind to administer FreeBSD directly and are being pinched by the current state of FreeNAS, give FreeBSD 8.1 a try.

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Jun 09 2020. Improving ZFS write performance by adding a SLOG 09 June 2020 ZFS is great! I’ve had a home NAS running ZFS for a pretty long time now. At the moment I’m running FreeNAS but in the past have used both ZFS-on-Linux on Ubuntu, as well as plain Solaris (back when Solaris was free software).

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Aug 11, 2017 · User Frank Van Bortel shows us some tips and tracks on how to use your SSD efficiently with the ZIL (ZFS Intent Log) feature of FreeNAS. Follow the link below for the full set of instructions. ZIL and Cache Not open for discussion; I think it is a complete waste of resources to use a 120, or […]

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ZFS has both a current size and a 'target size' for the ARC (called 'c' in ZFS statistics). When your system boots this target size starts out as the maximum allowed size for the ARC, but various events afterward can cause it to be reduced (which obviously limits the size of your ARC, since that's its purpose). According to this Reddit post by an Oracle employee, the formula for calculating the ARC header mappings is: (L2ARC size in bytes) / (ZFS recordsize in bytes) * 70 bytes = ARC header size in bytes. So let us make some sense of that for our purposes. We will use the TrueNAS default of 128Kb blocks and a 256GB NVME SSD as an L2ARC.

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Размер ARC настраивается через modprobe, вот образец на 512 мб мин, 2 гб макс. Кэш он и есть кэш. Много памяти надо для дедупликации только. options zfs zfs_arc_min=536870912 options zfs zfs_arc_max=2147483648

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FreeNAS 설정 FreeNAS 호스트네임. Network-Global configuration 에서 hostname 과 domain 을 입력해 주세요. 만약 FreeNAS 의 주소가 nas.lan 이라면 hostname 은 nas, domain 은 lan 입니다. FreeNAS Graphite 설정. system – reporting 에서 Remote Graphite Server Hostname 에 InfluxDB 가 설치된 감옥의 IP 를 ... The username is freenas2\john and the password is the one you set up when creating the user: If you look at the security settings for the share you can This is really a simplistic look at the ZFS snapshots but it at least gives you some idea about how things work. I would personally experiment with bigger...

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