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Sep 14, 2019 · For clearing as fast as possible you want to use frost, UH’s AOE DoT has a delay before ticking vs Howling Blast instantly damaging mobs. For challenging content you can switch to Blood to survive, keep in mind sometimes it’s easier to burn a boss with fast DPS before they can kill you, like if it applies stacks or has an enrage.

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Hi all, Dungeon soloing belongs to my one of the most favourite activities in WoW. Not only because some sort of challenge, but mainly because of What are your experiences with dungeon soloing? Do you utilize this opportunity in game? Have you some interesting feedback from soloing dungeons?

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Posted by Solo March 7, 2020 February 23, 2020 Posted in TSCM Leave a comment on Chapter 45 is out! Chapter 44 is out! I’ll really appreciate it if you could help me out by turning off your ad blocking for this site. Last I can recall, @Thelon was solo'ing stuff for the longest of time before it ever became the thing to do, and had threads/footage of him doing so. He was THE PetSorc. The guy even solo'd Mantikora. Come on now. Lol. I also solo'd numerous veteran dungeons myself (on hard mode), and world bosses as well.

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You can do it but i didnt till elvel 18 so my dungeon finder didnt showed up the level 12-15 dungeons, then i had to join a lower level and he find or just make the pary in zone chat and go for it But if you out level the dungeon you won't get any drops.

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Playing solo rather than in a group will let you keep all the money and items that can be looted. Rushing in to solo questing without preparation can be hazardous to your health. If you prepare well and solo properly, it can be very lucrative playing solo. Be sure to bring plenty of supplies with you. Jun 10, 2008 · Open group finder > custom > find an auto accept group > join it and immediately leave it. Alt tab for 63 seconds as you get teleported out. Currently there isn't a mechanic for this yet, although if you want to save some time check out Asmongolds' movement speed set.

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