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IOS-H5容器的一些探究:UIWebView和WKWebView的比较和选择 weixin_33898876 2016-09-08 09:40:00 29 收藏 文章标签: 移动开发 javascript 操作系统

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NSURLSession introduces a new pattern to Foundation delegate methods with its use of completionHandler: parameters. This allows delegate methods to safely be run on the main thread without blocking; a delegate can simply dispatch_async to the background, and call the completionHandler when finished. It also effectively allows for multiple ...

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Called when navigation is running and a new location with bad accuracy has been delivered. Note a location update with horizontal accuracy more than 100m is not accurate enough to be used for turn-by-turn navigation.

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Configuration methods. Here is a list of methods that are provided by the iOS library. The SDK currently has support for multiple Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions, including Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, and the Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service.

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I came across an interesting blog post by Phil Beauvoir about Asynchronous Unit Testing in Xcode 6 using the new XCTestExpectation. It explains how he converted existing Objective-C asynchronous iOS unit tests to Swift, at the same time making them more efficient and readable by using an instance of XCTestExpectation and waitForExpectationsWithTimeout().

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Create a new Swift class called ChildFriendlyWebDelegate. This needs to inherit from NSObject so it can work with WebKit, and conform to WKNavigationDelegate. Add an import for WebKit to the file. Place your childFriendlySites property and navigation delegate code in there.Sep 25, 2020 · Set the delegate buffer handle to a tensor. It can be called in the following cases: Set the buffer handle to a tensor that's not being written by a delegate. For example, feeding an OpenGL texture as the input of the inference graph. Set the buffer handle to a tensor that uses the same delegate.

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