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Another sizable group of Loyalists went to the British West Indies, taking their slaves with them. Figure 6.4.1: The Coming of the Loyalists, a ca. 1880 work that artist Henry Sandham created at least a century after the Revolution, shows Anglo-American colonists arriving by ship in New Brunswick, Canada.

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Unit Plan: The American Revolution Unit Overview: Unit: American Revolution Course: American Studies (this is an integrated History and English Title: Patriot, Loyalist, or Neutral? You Decide By Lynne Fuller, Carusi Middle School Historical Background: During the American Revolution, the...

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The Loyalists included government officials whose positions and livelihoods were tied to the empire, merchants who were dependent on British trade In a very real sense, the American Revolution was a civil war. During the longstanding dispute over western lands, it was Great Britain that had issued...

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HIST 116: The American Revolution. Lecture 9. - Who Were the Loyalists? Professor Freeman concludes her lecture with a discussion of the varied reasons why different Loyalists chose to support the British Crown, and what kinds of people tended to be Loyalists in the American Revolution.

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Following the American Revolution the founding fathers confronted a myriad of problem as they attempted to confront their freedom. The war for Independence is yet to be fought." That struggle occurred, and that independence was won by the Americans in the war of 1812.

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Loyalists simply felt that there was no need for a change in leadership and, in fact, early on in the revolution many "rebels" were in favor of retaining ties with Britain while gaining a larger degree of home rule. Women supported the American Revolution by making homespun cloth, working to produce goods and services to help the army, and Martha Washington accompanied her husband, General George Washington, during much of the war. why were woman not allowed to join the war back then?

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