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Effect of four commonly used pesticides viz. Bagalol, Mancozeb (fungicides), Thiodan and Phorate (insecticides) was studied on growth and different enzymes of four cyanobacterial species viz. Nostoc ellipsosporum, Scytonema simplex, Tolypothrix tenuis, and Westiellopsis prolifica. EC 50 concentration of each pesticide was determined for all ...

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I am working on an enzyme assay for a fungal pectinase.I assayed the enzyme in different buffers from pH 1-12.5 However,the enzyme has good activities starting from pH1-10.5. Is it possible to have enzyme activity over such a broad range of pH?

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Having 3 different environments for the enzymes, really affected the catalase reaction. Having the molecules cold, allows them to slow the reaction down. Having the warmth allows them to be at a neutral pace. But having them boiling, the molecules are on hold. They almost disappear in a sense.

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Create 1 new testable question regarding enzymes, that if given enough time, you would want to investigate. Final Assessment: Individually, write a summary of your newfound understanding of enzymes, how they work and factors that affect their activity. enzyme molecule, the active site, also has a specific shape. Because the active site is so specific it will only bind with one kind of molecule. An enzyme can be denatured (unfolded) by extreme heat, pH, or ionic concentration. If this happens, the enzyme will no longer be functional because the shape of the active site will be destroyed.

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Mar 05, 2012 · Tests can be preformed to determine the effects of different conditions on the enzyme function. By adding baking soda to the potato, a high pH or basic molecule, will change the pH and have an effect on how well catalase functions. To another test tube, add vinegar to the potato which will lower the pH, making it acidic also having an effect.

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Almost every significant life process is dependent on enzyme activity. Objectives: 1. Describe and explain the role of an enzyme in biological systems 2. Give experimental proofs on the specificity of enzymes 3. Observe and infer the effect of temperature, pH, and presence of inhibitors on the activity of enzymes 4. What affect does boiling have on enzyme activity? a. Boiling inactivates, or denatures, enzymes. Activity 2 Which tubes showed that starch or cellulose was present? a. 4, 5 and 6 Which tubes tested positive for the presence of reducing sugars? a. 1, 2,3 and 7 What was the affect of freezing tube 1? a.

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