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KEY: hypotenuse | HL Theorem | right triangle | reasoning 15.ANS: C PTS: 1 DIF: L3 REF: 4-6 Congruence in Right Triangles OBJ: 4-6.1 To prove right triangles congruent using the hypotenuse-leg theorem NAT: CC G.SRT.5| G.2.e| G.3.e| G.5.e TOP: 4-6 Problem 2 Writing a Proof Using the HL Theorem KEY: hypotenuse | HL Theorem | right triangle ...

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v.HL-Postulate (g)CPTCTC ... 2.What additional information is needed to prove these triangles congruent? ... (Do not use the de nition of isosceles or the isosceles ...

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We then move on to discuss two-player zero-sum games and introduce security levels, pure and mixed strategies, and prove the famous von Neumann Minimax Theorem. We will see how to solve zero-sum two player games using domination and discuss a general method based on linear programming.

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a. name the third pair of corresponding parts that would need to be proved congruent to prove the triangles are congruent by ASA. b. Give a possible reason (other than simply "given") why the parts might be congruent and . c. Tell what given(s) (if any) would be needed to support your reason. 4. 5. 6. Write complete geometry proofs for the ...

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Students will demonstrate the ability to research a topic, summarize, and report findings. Students will be able learn on their own. They will recognize when additional information is needed. They will find it, if possible. They will cultivate good questions. Students will use appropriate means to find answers. Research/Independent Learning

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