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Running rkt in a Vagrant virtual machine. If your operating system isn't Linux, it's easy to run rkt in a Linux virtual machine with Vagrant. The instructions below start a virtual machine with rkt installed and ready to run. Vagrant on Mac and Windows. For Mac (and other Vagrant) users we have set up a Vagrantfile.

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The parameter ansible_ssh_host specifies the ssh host, ansible_ssh_port the ssh port, ansible_ssh_user the ssh user, and ansible_ssh_private_key_file the shh private key. Let us retry the Ansible ping to the host with ip address by executing the following command:

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Successfully connected via ssh; ran sudo ros os upgrade to upgrade to 0.4.3; sudo reboot; Now I can SSH in. Seems to be an issue with RancherOS + Vagrant, not necessarily with RancherOS itself. In the words of Michael Keaton in the original Tim Burton Batman… "the lipstick alone won’t do it.

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Apr 27, 2018 · If you do not have ssh-copy-id available, but you have password-based SSH access to an account on your server, you can upload your keys using a conventional SSH method. We can do this by using the cat command to read the contents of the public SSH key on our local computer and piping that through an SSH connection to the remote server. vagrant ssh problems @EddieGP: Moved this from the page: If an ssh-agent with a key loaded is running on your host, vagrant may run into trouble with vagrant up and vagrant halt as it selects the key loaded in ssh-agent to connect to the guest (which fails). One solution to this is to add the vagrant private key to the ssh-agent of your host.

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