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Chapter Text. The reception arrived and Y/N and Jasper were enjoying it. They talked with friends from school, family, witch friends. It was nice to have a moment where they weren't thinking about keeping Bella safe, or Victoria, or some other supernatural threat over their heads.

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This quiz will tell you what Jacob and Edward, from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series, think you smell like! =) BRING IT! Take this quiz! Me: All right! Edward, you first, 'cause I like you better than Jacob! .::.

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Anonymous said: Can I request a human reader x Demetri where she gets really bad migraines during her time of the month. It’s been a hellish start to this week and it would mean the world to me. I... So this is Love *COMPLETED* - 3 - Wattpad. Twilight The first part to my Jasper x reader series Y/n Uley, the daughter of Sam Uley and Emily Young, one day playing outside she gets attacked in the woods, this will lead her down a life changing path, and to meeting new people and making new...

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Twilight Q (トワイライトQ, Towairaito Kyū) is a Japanese original video animation series released in Japan in 1987 by Network Frontier (now Bandai Namco Arts). The series is similar to The Twilight Zone. It was aired in Japan on the anime television network Animax on August 5, 2007.

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Read stories and articles for your level of English - graded reading from A2 to B2 CEFR level. They say it's the new Twilight, but better.

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