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The Songhai were former members of the Mali Empire. As Mali weakened in the 1400s, the people of Songhai rebelled and regained their freedom. Because of their Islamic beliefs, the Songhai were able to trade with the Berbers in the north and grow richer.

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The Songhai Empire (sometimes spelled Songhay) is regarded by scholars and laymen alike as one of Africa's greatest empires. The Songhai Empire rose to particularly lofty heights in the late 1400s during the magnificent rule of Sunni Ali. During the reign of Sunni Ali most of what was formerly the...

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Everything was the same for everyone in the pre-modern world. Empire, built by kings through invasion and conquest. Stratified society, kings and nobles and serfs and slaves: with artisans and merchants slipped between like lubricant which made the civilizations move.

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The Songhay [or Songhai] Empire that followed Mali was more despotic and warlike, and also more powerful. But it disintegrated quickly at the end of the 16th century when the seafaring Portuguese opened up the Atlantic Ocean trade routes, undermining the overland commerce that had been the lifeblood of all three empires. Then, the biggest blow to the crumbling Songhai Empire came from the invasion by Morocco in 1591. The Moroccan army used new technology, muzzle-loading firearms, to defeat the Songhai troops. The Songhai state limped along until 1737, but after 1591, it was no longer a unified empire with control over numerous tributary states.

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This increased the power of small West African kingdoms like the Asante and Dahomey kingdoms. It also contributed to the fall of the Songhai Empire, because the slave and gold trade were no longer going through the Songhai kingdom. As a result, the Songhai rulers could not claim tribute and taxes from these kingdoms.

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Two nuclear missiles wiped out a significant portion of the Songhai military. So significant was this strike and immediate counterattack on three fronts that I conquered the entire Songhai Empire in about 7 turns. Songhai Farm Contacts In Amukpe, Delta State. EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: (+234) 080 337-88124. In Nigeria, the Songhai model center at Amukpe in Delta State was founded in 2002; Songhai model centers in Bunu Tai in Rivers state also used as a Resort Center and Adani in Enugu State were added in 2010.

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