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White Lily ® Flour has been helping Southern cooks create delicious food since 1883. Our products are a staple in family kitchens and world-class restaurants alike. When you bake with White Lily, you re baking with history, tradition, and love.

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Below are several guides to dairy substitutes with DIY ideas, recipes, products, and more. They include full details on how to substitute butter, cheese, all types of cream, milk, yogurt, and dairy used for baking (like sweetened condensed milk). I’ve also included a chocolate guide, but chocolate isn’t truly a dairy-based food.

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Asbestos Alternative, Substitute & Replacement Materials: Sleeve, Tape, Rope, Fabric & Insulation. Most fiberglass, silica and ceramic fiber based materials can be used as an alternative or replacement to asbestos. These high temperature and heat resistant fiberglass sleeves, tapes, ropes, fabrics and insulation can provide the same protection and insulation value as asbestos.

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TSP Substitute. What makes Klean-Strip® Tri-Sodium Phosphate Substitute such a valuable cleaning and maintenance product? It cleans, degreases, and deglosses to prepare surfaces for painting or refinishing… it easily removes grease, grime, smoke residue, food stains, chalky residue, crayon marks, old wallpaper paste and even mildew stains…it’s ideal for painted wood, brick, concrete ... Viscoelastic Substitute in 5cc syringe with cannula, individually packaged.

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Oct 13, 2020 · Best Keto Milk Substitutes : Non-dairy and Dairy Options In general, the best alternatives will be either a high-fat dairy product or an unsweetened plant-based milk made from nuts, seeds, peas, and/or soy. In both cases, the product should have the same consistency as milk with a small fraction of the net carbs.

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Vegetable oil is not s great substitute as it is too liquid and so cannot be rubbed or cut into the flour. Lard is the best substitute if you don't mind animal fats. If you can't get any of these then butter can be used but the texture of the scones will be slightly different.

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