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Freedive Spearfishing gear and supplies Company Overview: Continuing the tradition and quality set forth by the late Charlie Sturgill. His family and partners have set up Sturgill spearfishing as a southern California based company dedicated to supplying spearfishing equipment made for you to the highest standards of performance and reliability possible.

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Included is transportation to and from the boat, ice, bait and flasher. Full spearfishing gear is also available for use however many people prefer to bring their own guns and equipment with them. The guns available for blue water use are Rob Allen 130 set up with break away spear, float line and pressurized float.

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Spearfishing combines the thrill of the hunt with swimming in the ocean and eating healthy, tasty fish. We figured that sounded like fun so, last weekend, paddled kayaks to a remote beach and ...

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Find Low Price Diving Snorkeling Save More using On-line Buying. Discounted Price! Zoot Sports Wetzoot Wetsuit X Large. Customer Review Zoot Sports Men’s Z Force 2.0 Sl Wetzoot Wetsuit. the build excellent is just fine. Feels solid, does not have any rattling parts. the value tag was astounding. Wonderful get!

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Mar 11, 2013 · This is an early speargun made by Undersee Products in Australia. Fifties vintage, it uses a tilting washer friction type trigger to hold the spear at any position in the gun. The company made similar models out of cast aluminium such as the Comet and the Hornet before moving on to timber spearguns with the famous Undersee trigger mechanism ...

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