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Use the spark.executor.extraJavaOptions property, described in Spark 2.0.2 Available Properties. For example: spark.executor.extraJavaOptions -XX The SPARK_WORKER_CORES option configures the number of cores offered by Spark Worker for executors. A single executor can borrow more...

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Jul 10, 2019 · I had many executors being lost no matter how much memory we allocated to them. Here the best solution to this problem is to use yarn and set –conf spark.yarn.executor.memoryOverhead=600, alternatively when cluster using mesos, try this –conf spark.mesos.executor.memoryOverhead=600 instead. The configuration option for spark 2.3.1+ is

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The maximum number of open files that can be cached by RocksDB, -1 means no limit. rocksdb.max_subcompactions: 4: The value represents the maximum number of threads per compaction job. rocksdb.max_write_buffer_number: 6: The maximum number of write buffers that are built up in memory. rocksdb.max_write_buffer_number_to_maintain: 0

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When using the executor to run a Spark SQL query that requires connecting to an Amazon S3 storage location, you can specify the Amazon S3 connection information in the executor properties. Any connection information specified in the executor properties takes precedence over the connection information configured in the Databricks cluster.

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However small overhead memory is also needed to determine the full memory request to YARN for each executor. Formula for that over head is max(384, .07 * spark.executor.memory) Calculating that overhead - .07 * 21 (Here 21 is calculated as above 63/3) = 1.47 Since 1.47 GB > 384 MB, the over head is 1.47.

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Posted 5/22/15 3:45 PM, 8 messages spark.master spark:// spark.executor.memory 512m spark.eventLog.enabled true spark.serializer org.apache.spark.serializer.KryoSerializer 任何被指定为标记或在属性文件中的值将被传给 application 并和通过 SparkConf 指定的值合并。

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