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In Solidworks and some other modellers, the 'silhouette' word has a different significance (and an important one): it represents an outline (analogous to the skyline of a hill) of a solid body which does NOT necessarily result from an edge, but is the projection, in a direction normal to the sketch plane, of the maximum extent of any curved face.

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Sliding the perpendicular Circle dimension like in the image above, click it once then input the 0 size. The purpose is in order that the Circle are fit in the 0 point. Then give the size to the next side by clicking the Circle again and click the Circle line part side (Line 1). And sliding the perpendicular cursor to the X axis aside.

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Polygon and Circle Command. lock. Arc Command. ... Revolve Different Option - Part 01. ... How to Make Helical Bevel Gear in SolidWorks. lock. Sheet Metal Module.

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Revolved Boss or Base is a SolidWorks feature tool which is used to create solid 3D model around an axis. You can revolve the sketch around an axis to add materials to it. You can access revolved boss/base from both command manager and menubar.

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Apr 06, 2020 · Put the circle 60 mm away from the origin of our cylindrical base with a diameter of 25 mm. Step 7 As you might have noticed, the small circle was created 60mm away from the origin of the sketch, but we did not indicate the plane it will be sitting on.

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