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Probably there is a method to get by using Solidworks.I will work on 3D modelled human leg, I want to get centerline of it to use in analysis as reference. It depends on which plane you are working in. Once you understand the concept of planes it will be easy to draw the centreline.

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Create Box, Torus, Cylinder, Planar Surface, Cone. In the Creation Plane section, you can set the creation plane and change the default ori-entation for the Create 3D Sketch: this option creates a 3D sketch along the edges where the Power Surface geometry joins the Solidworks geometry.

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1. Create a sketch on a plane where you are able to project the region onto your surfaces. In my case, I used a plane along the axis of my cylinder. 2. Sketch two lines that intersect the edges of the cylinder. Then dimension them as required to define the knurled region. 3. Choose Insert > Curve > Split Line

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Creating revolves in SOLIDWORKS can be achieved in a few simple steps. This article discusses what geometry is required to create a revolve as well as how to visualise the required sketch profile. In order to create a revolve in SOLIDWORKS, you need a sketch from which the revolve can be created as well as an axis for this sketch to be revolved ... right click on cut-plots and select insert. Select the front plane as reference, and leave the default display choice of contours. Under contours, select velocity (x) and slide the slider all the way to the right for maximum steps between the minimum and maximum velocity.

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In the image below my sketch plane is tangent to the side of the cylinder, but when I extrude the sketch the "remove" extrusion is perpendicular to the sketch plane rather than the cylinder's surface. In SolidWorks I could wrap a sketch around a cylindrical object and do an extruded cut, but that doesn't seem to be an option in OnShape.

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Expand your SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD skills by learning how to design a machine with moving parts. In this course, learn through designing the components of an early-19th-century rival to the steam engine.

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