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Dustpelt asked as he padded into the entrance of the empty apprentice's den. Ashpaw had already gone out with Sandstorm on a midnight patrol. He slinked into the cave to where Fernpaw was previously napping, just finishing her share after hunting for the fresh kill pile. She looked up to him, confusion wavering over her dapple silver face.

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Sandstorm expands on it, telling her that while she was gone Dustpelt was killed in a battle with RiverClan. It is explained that Sandstorm looks sad as she knows Firestar, who was her mate, loves Starpaw. She doesn't do anything though, because she knows what is "best".

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Näe käyttäjän TyttiK (tyttifox) löydöt Pinterestissä, joka on maailman kattavin ideakokoelma.

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Dustpelt X sandstorm Firestar X Cinderpelt Dovewing X Bumblestripe Heathertail X Lionblaze Hollyleaf X Fallen leaves Spottedleaf X Hawkfrost MOVING ! New Reading List.

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This is something I made about how Sandstorm and Fireheart(before he was Firestar) became a couple, and in Dustpelt's point of view. It is long, I know, but ...

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Fire Star X Reader Lemon Lemon Cat W ノ Wattpad. Starkitsprophcy Fan Fic Tv Tropes. 42 Best Firestar Images Warrior Cats Warrior Cats Books Love. Mashups Plot Ideas Plot Discussions Agrelos Feralfront.Sandstorm x Dustpelt. Mothwing x Leafpool. Jayfeather x Brairlight. Littlecloud x Cinderpelt. Warrior cat ships Brightheart x Cloudtail. dogsncatsrule the nerdy cinnamon roll Brightheart hung her head down while staring at the ground melancholy, as her shoulders slunched down in defeat. She rested her watery eyes within her paws and tried to ...

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