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It’s a one way street and there is no going back! If you paint, or plan to have painted, a brick wall that has not been painted previously, it is a permanent finish. You can’t remove it once it has been applied. This also applies to exterior wall spray finishes, trowel applied external render coatings and the like.

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The organization said In a statement Sunday that it is asking the city and supporters not to remove the black spray paint spelling out “BLM” from the rainbow crosswalk downtown.

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We do not damage walls to removed paint graffiti. Our job process is unique and can be done in any type of porous wall. We removed any type of paint from any kind of walls. LA $2 DIY Spray Paint/Graffiti Removal tested!

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Removing this densely painted graffiti will require several applications of paint remover. Photo: NPS files. The ability to identify the graffiti material is an important step in successful removal. Numerous kinds of spray paint (polyurethanes, lacquers, and enamels), and brush-applied paints...

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Dec 23, 2019 · “Mr. Kelly and GRE expertly repaired 16 plate glass windows at our Super Fresh in Society Hill that had been badly-vandalized by acid etch and deep scratch graffiti. They additionally installed anti-graffiti window film on all the windows and removed spray paint from the brick face.” – Jeff G Lochetto,

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The main methods used by professional graffiti cleaners tend to combine a series of natural and green paint stripper removal chemicals and paint remover solutions, with the high-temperature low-pressure washing of a jet wash – loosening the paint surface before blasting it away with the high-temperature flow of water.

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