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An easy check for a fuel pressure regulator is to just remove the vacuum line going to it. If you see fuel leaking out, replace it and recheck for your idle problem. A failed fuel pressure regulator will not always exhibit this symptom, but it’s pretty easy to check for when doing your diagnosis.

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Kia Motors offers a range of vehicles including full-sized, mid-sized, compact sedans and SUVs. The positive crankcase ventilation valve, also called the PCV valve, within Kias removes gasses from within the engine. This prevents the vehicle from excess pressure buildup. When excess gasses buildup within the engine, ...

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Solving Intermittent Stalling Problems Download PDF. Diagnosing an intermittent stalling problem can be a challenge, especially if the engine only stalls occasionally (and at the least opportune time).

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2002 cammed vy ss 5.7L ls1 Stock colour - hot house green Vinyl wrapped- vivid premium Tiffany blue Door jams have been painted Matt black but the engine bay is still green. Crow cam-54-444-11 B&M Ratchet shifter with a 3k stall/torque converter. LS1 / LS6 Ignition Coil and some later model Corvette O2 Sensor connector Plug Pigtail: LS7 EVAP Canister Purge / Vent Solenoid Connector LS7 EVAP Canister Purge / Vent Solenoid Connector ONLY: CONN-100871: 2 Way Metripack 150 Plug Connector for EVAP Solenoid, Red: LS7 EVAP Canister Purge / Vent Solenoid Connector Kit: CONN-75948

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Now remove the remaining hoses/connectors going to the front of the intake manifold. - There is a rubber hose on the passenger side going to the throttle body, disconnect this from the throttlebody. - Disconnect the red plastic connector for fuel EVAP on the drivers side.

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Come along with Eric O. at the SMA shop as we have a look at this 2011 Ford Escape with a "P0456 EVAP Small Leak.". In this video we do a quick diagnosis on the EVAP system and how to find this "small leak" when the smoke machine would not be much of a help because there is no visible leak...

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