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* WebProcess/com.apple.WebProcess.sb: 2011-1-12 Lucas Forschler Merge 95607 2011-09-21 Mark Rowe "Open PDF in Preview" on two PDFs of the same name does nothing the second time The logic in PDFViewController::pathToPDFOnDisk that deals with constructing a unique file name if a file of the suggested name already exists was incorrect. It was ...

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Browse the source code of qt-creator/src/libs/utils/tooltip/tooltip.cpp. ** Licensees holding valid commercial Qt licenses may use this file in.

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学习要点: 1.调用 tooltip()方法 2.修改 tooltip()样式 3.tooltip()方法的属性 4.tooltip()方法的事件 5.tooltip()中使用 on() 打造漂亮的tooltip. 保守的说,HTML自带的tooltip并不可靠,首先样式不漂亮. ToolTip for Disabled Element in Silverlight With the Tooltips application the user can create new shape items with the provided tool buttons, and move the items around using the mouse. Tooltips are provided whenever the cursor is pointing to a shape item or one of the buttons. The Tooltips example consists of two classes: ShapeItem is a custom widget representing one single shape item.

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These are Qt4 hardcoded tooltips. It seems that they can be disabled only by recompiling Qt with corresponding flag. If you are using source-based distribution try to add "-DQT_NO_TOOLTIP" to the "DEFINES" section of src/gui/Makefile in Qt code. Remember that this change can take effect on Qt-only applications.

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I found a minor issue, where the tooltip of a QcomboBox is not shown correctly. Instead of the text an empty box is shown (see screenshot). The tooltips of the other widgets work fine. Also this issue is consistent for all QcomboBoxes in my application. (I'm on Qt 5.8) Cloudfoam QT Racer Shoes A runner look with metallic accents. Designed with streamlined sport style, these running-inspired shoes capture a sleek and modern look. The breathable knit upper flashes a metallic sheen on the signature 3-Stripes and heel patch, while combined midsole and outsole cushioning gives comfort to every step.

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