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conciseness and speed of development, or flexibility and expressivity, but not both. We wanted to get the clarity and development speed of Keras [2] and the customizability of PyTorch. This goal of getting the best of both worlds has motivated the design of a layered architecture. A high-level API powers

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TomTom Historical Traffic Stats is a self-service product that analyzes historical location data and provides traffic insights on speed, travel time and sample size on the road network. Users can easily create customized reports to identify congestion bottlenecks, mobility pain points and capacity on the road.

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Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis: Reciprocating Compressor. Pulsation study, mechanical review and frequency avoidance analysis, forced response analysis (when required); per API 618, API 688 and GMRC High-Speed Compressor Guideline. View More

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PyTorch - A deep learning framework that puts Python first. TensorFlow - Open Source Software Library for PyTorch and TensorFlow belong to "Machine Learning Tools" category of the tech stack.

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The speed-up comes from using the Tensor Cores on the GPU applied to matrix multiplications and convolutions. However, to use fp16 the dimension of each matrix must be a multiple of 8. Read about the constraints here. For simple PyTorch codes these are the necessary changes:

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