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Timeout.pending¶ True if the timeout is scheduled to be raised. eventlet.timeout.with_timeout (seconds, function, * args, ** kwds) ¶ Wrap a call to some (yielding) function with a timeout; if the called function fails to return before the timeout, cancel it and return a flag value. Parameters. seconds (int or float) – seconds before timeout ...

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Adding Timeouts to Functions Using Wrapt Timeout Decorator. A short guide on how to implement timeouts when calling functions in Python.

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The typical approach is to use select () to wait until data is available or until the timeout occurs. Only call recv () when data is actually available. To be safe, we also set the socket to non-blocking mode to guarantee that recv () will never block indefinitely. select () can also be used to wait on more than one socket at a time. import select mysocket.setblocking (0) ready = ( [mysocket], [], [], timeout_in_seconds) if ready [0]: data = mysocket.recv (4096)

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A decorator for caching properties in classes / BSD ... pytest-timeout: ... A tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator / BSD: requests: 2.14.2: Python HTTP for ... •Sphinx– documentation decorator. •Sphinx theme for– theme for the documentation. Authors python-intercom is written and maintained by John Keyes and various contributors: Development Lead •John Keyes <[email protected]>@jkeyes Patches and Suggestions •vrachnis •sdorazio •Cameron Maske •Martin-Zack Mekkaoui ...

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Python and appscript can be used to get email messages out of Apple’s OS X Mail client, and even to get and save attachments. Using ETag and If-Modified-Since In the article on grabbing an RSS feed, I mentioned that if you’re grabbing a feed more than once a day, you should pay attention to the ETag and the If-Modified-Since headers.

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Apr 04, 2017 · We’ve defined an interface implemented by RandomData called com.larry_price.test.RandomData with a single method quick as declared with the @dbus.service.method context decorator. quick will take in a single parameter, bits , which must be an integer as designated by the in_signature in our context decorator. Nick Coghlan So basically: def run_as_thread(f): @functools.wraps(f): def wrapped(*args, **kwds): t = threading.Thread(target=f, args=args, kwds=kwds) t.start() return t return wrapped Something like that would make defining worker threads *really* easy.

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