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May 03, 2011 · BIO.A.2.1 Describe how the unique properties of water support life on Earth. BIO.A.2.1.1 Describe the unique properties of water and how these properties support life on Earth (e.g., freezing point, high specifi c heat, cohesion). 3.1.B.A8 3.1.B.A5 4.2.5.C Sample Exam Question Standard BIO.A.2.1.1 Which statement best describes an effect of the

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The water of the potato cores left the potato cores and went instead into the sucrose solution. This trend was followed as we observed the percent change in the potato cores have a direct relationship with the molarity of the sucrose solution, meaning that as the sucrose solution molarity increased, so did the percent change of the potatoe cores.

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during the lab. 7. Watch the video that shows the set-up for the floating leaf disk lab at Bozeman Science. (Search for "bozeman leaf disk lab") a) What is the ratio of water to baking soda you will need for your solution? b) What is the purpose of the syringe? c) Why did Mr. Anderson put a watch glass with water on top of the beaker?

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Complete each problem and include in your lab report with full solutions. Read the BACKGROUND from your manual if you need help. 1. Calculate the solute potential of a 0.1 M NaCl solution at 25°C. If the concentration of NaCl inside the plant cell is 0.15 M, which way will the water diffuse if the cell is placed into the 0.1 M NaCl solutions? 2. AP Chemistry: Rules for Significant Figures. After you get an answer on the AP Chemistry exam, make sure that you provide the correct number of significant figures in your answer. Here is a summary of the rules for assigning significant figures: Any nonzero digit is significant. Thus, 6.42 seconds (s) contains three significant figures.

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1. You will prepare the contents as outlined below for each corresponding test tube: a. Test Tube #1 - Water b. Test Tube #2 - Water and Liver c. Test Tube #3 - Water, Liver, and Hydrogen Peroxide d. Test Tube #4 - Water, Liver(that has been boiled for several minutes), and Hydrogen Peroxide e.

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Biology I Laboratory Manual. Optional Lab Activities. Search for What question are you trying to answer? Include any preliminary observations or background information about For instance, if you used hot water, how did you make the water hot and what temperature was it; if you chose salt water...

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