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Read the complete report here. Basically, this is the flaw that this bug exploits: If we have the power to modify our local user proxy, and Windows Updates uses the proxy configured in Internet Explorer’s settings, we therefore have the power to run PyWSUS locally to intercept our own traffic and run code as an elevated user on our asset.

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Enable monitoring of all services with a start mode of 'Auto'. Navigate to Advanced -> Monitoring Templates. Verify the list of templates is grouped by template. Expand the WinService tree. Select /Server/Microsoft. In the Data Sources pane, click the + button to add a new data source, give it a name, and choose Windows Service as the type.

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Find your application pool inside IIS and: in recycle settings (first view) clear all checkboxes; in advanced settings find “Idle Time-out (minutes)” and set it to 0; Then go to the website advanced configuration (also in IIS) and change “Connection Time-out” to 0. Restart IIS and your environment is ready.

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Mar 12, 2020 · This guide demos 2 methods to boot Server 2016 Safe Mode: 1, Boot Server 2016 Safe Mode from Within Windows. 2, Boot from Recovery Environment. Read More.

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В PowerShell есть несколько способов решения этой задачи. К примеру в .NET есть специальный класс StopWatch, который можно использовать как секундомер для измерения времени, потраченного на выполнение задачи.

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Now we can pull winPEAS to the system using powershell -c. Once we run winPeas, we see that it points us towards unquoted paths. We can see that it provides us with the name of the service it is also running. What powershell -c command could we run to manually find out the service name? *Format is “powershell -c “command here”*

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