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Pioneer ® Seeds Australia develops and tests our corn maize hybrids in local conditions to ...

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Corn may be king in the grain world, but does it reign supreme in the silage world, too? The short answer: yes. When it comes to both silage yield and quality, plus digestibility, palatability, and energy density, corn comes out on top vs. barley, says Nicole Rasmussen, with DuPont Pioneer, in this Beef School episode.

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with a range in fiber digestibilities (Pioneer 36B08 and Pioneer 35P12). Table 1. Ingredients in corn silage TMRs, as a percentage of the total ration. Ration component Mycogen F407BMR Pioneer 35P12 TMF 100 36B08 Corn silage 58 58 50 54 Alfalfa silage 9 9 9 9 Wheat straw 1 1 1 1 High moist. corn 7 6 13 10 SBM 22 22 23 22

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Corn silage serves as a high-energy forage for dairy cows. This is most important for high-producing herds and on farms experiencing problems with making or buying high quality hay crop forage. Corn silage, with its relatively high energy content, is also well adapted for use in low-cost rations for fattening cattle.

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Source: Pioneer Research and Ev Thomas, August 2007 Miner Farm Report It is not unusual for silage to dry down .5-1.0 points of moisture per day, depending upon drying conditions. It is also not unusual for corn silage to lay down .5-1.0 points of starch per day until kernel reaches physiological maturity at blacklayer

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Pioneer® Seeds Australia develops and supplies a range of corn for silage hybrids for corn growers across Australia, including our latest corn silage hybrids, P1315-IT and P9911. P1315-IT is a high yielding mid-season multi-use hybrid, primarily suited to the processing market for human consumption.

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