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   ARID N24 The concept of using macroalgae as a method of nutrient export is not new. However, the introduction of the ARID (Algae Remediation Illuminated Device) the original, patented macroalgae reactor by Pax Bellum is a quantum leap forward.

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Extract from ICRC publication "International humanitarian law: answers to your questions" Jus ad bellum refers to the conditions under which States may resort to war or to the use of armed force in general.

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18. Bellum Gallĭcum, Caesăre imperatōre, gestum est. 19. Caesăre duce, Romāni bella Gallĭca gessērunt. 20. Caesăre necāto, triumvĭri rem publĭcam obtinuērunt. 24. Hostĭbus victis, Romāni triumphum agĕre solēbant. 25. Illis rebus cognĭtis, Caesar exploratōres praemittit.

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Reaktor glonowy Pax Bellum ARID N24 . 4 699,00 zł . Dodaj do koszyka Więcej. Dodaj do porówania. 739,00 zł . Roller clean 100 - rollermat . 739,00 zł .

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Ante(перед) - предлог с Acc. Portas(воротами) - сущ, Acc, 1 скл, pl. Est(есть) - Глагол, инф. Bellum(война) - сущ, n, 2 скл, Nom, sg. 9. Sibi bene facit, qui bene facit amico. Кто помогает другу, тот помогает себе.

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