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Jun 03, 2016 · When talking about actions, this is a very passive card. There is no motion in it, and it can also mean keeping away from something (on purpose or simply not knowing about something). One might say it could stand for keeping a guilty knowledge to herself - yes, it is true, though the question was about Terri's involvement in Kyron's disappearance, and this card does not speak about any actions or mental activities.

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Equipment SP Cards Vehicles Passive Titles Boxes ... One-Winged Perti Specialist Partner Card. ... Specialist Partner Card Holder. Tarot Card Game. 10. Fairy Booster. 20.

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Tarot Card Meanings. Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings. ... Being patient, allowing events to unfold without interfering and being passive. Special Notes: The High ...

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Virgo - your Tarot card-horoscope for 2021, the Magician. Let's see what awaits you in 2021. You can find useful information contained in the Tarot horoscope. Modern astrology uses Tarot cards to confirm interpretations and get the final forecast. You should pay more attention to the forecast. Tarot cards have their own value; it often differs from the reader's wishes.

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The tarot card The Fool is a deeply creative card, and it represents the start of a new beginning or rebirthing. This card contains within itself all the elements of the other cards. It is the original creative seed, which expresses great potential, creativity, freedom, fresh vision, and possibility.

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The results of the Tarot are based on two things, whether it is a positive card or a negative card, and if one of the "god" cards was drawn the turn before. You can tell which card is positive due to the white border, while negative cards have a black border. The effect of most positive cards will improve as you level the spell.

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