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How to: Do basic. My post on visualizing various 2-way interactions (easily my most popular not-current-issue post) has been viewed over 1000 times, and more excitingly, is now the top hit if you google “2-way interaction ggplot2”. emmeans tutorial, An R function called z. ggplot2: package to visualize data (not required For this tutorial, we will be using fake data sets to show how to run ...

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First, we can setup a 2 \(\times\) 3 repeated measures design. When calling ANOVA_exact() pairwise comparisons of expected marginal means are added by setting emm = TRUE and contrast_type = "pairwise" (default). The Estimated Marginal Means in SPSS GLM tell you the mean response for each factor, adjusted for any other variables in the model.

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Start studying SPSS STEPS. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. Analyse>compare means>one-way ANOVA> move dependent variables to dependent list...

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Pairwise Comparisons. Although we know that the differences between the means of our three A post hoc pairwise comparison using the Bonferroni correction showed an increased SPQ score...

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Description Performs pairwise comparisons after a comparison of proportions or after a test for independence of 2 categorical variables, by using a Fisher's exact test.

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Pairwise comparisons. Dear SPSSusers, I am using SPSS 16 to carry out a 9x2x2 repeated measures ANOVA. Is there anyway in SPSS to perform the pairwise comparisons for the interaction terms using...

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