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Should I torque my valve cover gasket to the lower spec first, and tighten if needed? If the specs are 72 - 84 inch pounds, i always use the lowest value, especially in aluminum. If you use a new gasket and clean the mating surfaces well, you'll be good to go i think.

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Jan 02, 2010 · Oil Filter Housing Torque: 7.2 ft/lbs (86.4 inch lbs) Front Sprocket Torque: 69 ft/lb (95 Nm) Triple Clamp Bolts: Upper Bracket Pinch Bolts: 23Nm/17ft lb, Lower Bracket Pinch Bolts: 20Nm/14ft lb Rear Axle Torque: 90 ft-lbs Rear Sprocket Nuts = 25 ft. lbs Front/Rear Axle Nut Sizes: 22 Front/27 Rear. Lower fork pinch bolts- 14 ft lbs

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What are the torque specs for the injectors? I want to do this right the first time so any pointers Make sure the bolt holes are clean and free of oil as this can affect the torque. The rail bolts are 8 Tightening those oil rail bolts made me very nervous, being aluminum, be very sure of your torque...

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Apr 16, 2010 · Paccar considers Cummins a valuable partner, as Cummins makes the PX-6 and -8 midrange engines, helped with MX development and supplies the MX's variable-nozzle turbo. The drive

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PV776-20151071 Injector, Aftertreatment, Clean, D11F, D13F, D16F PV776-20161234 Camshaft Wear, Checking, 11L, 13L and 16L Engines PV776-20162459 Camshaft Bearing Housing Assembly, Replacement, 13L Engines, VT, VN PV776-20168808 Actuator, Variable Geometry Turbocharger, Replacement PV776-20169318 Unit Injector, Clean

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KENWORTH MX-13 SPECIFICATIONS. Engine: 12.9-litre Paccar MX-13 with high pressure common-rail fuel injection. Construction: CGI. Emissions Control: SCR. Power: 460hp (343kW) @ 1,400 to 1,900rpm or 510hp (380kW) @ 1,500 to 1,900rpm. Torque: MX-13 460 — 1,700ft-lb (2,300Nm) MX-13 510 — 1,850ft-lb (2,500Nm) GCM: 70,000kg SPEC SHEET. • UPTIME: MX-13 engines are built for durability with a B10 rating of over one million miles. Every MX-13 engine also comes standard with remote • EXCELLENT FUEL ECONOMY: Fuel savings is one reason the PACCAR MX-13 continues to gain popularity in the heavy duty market.

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