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Dec 24, 2020 · Open the Google Authenticator app, click on the circle with a plus sign. Then select the Scan a QR code option, and your phone camera will open. Point it to the QR code on your desktop. A new authentication profile named Surfshark will appear automatically. Get back to your account at To confirm the activation of 2FA, enter the six digits that you see under the Surfshark authentication profile. Then, click Next. Download recovery codes in a text file.

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CentOS 7. Debian. Debian 8. ... Enabling Duo Multi-Factor Authentication with RADIUS. ... set vpn l2tp remote-access authentication require pap

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Google Authenticator for windows, steps to download, install and setup your 2FA.A dire need when it’s already in your pocket – a smartphone. Over the past years, the two-step authentication has become one of the most widely used criterions.

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CentOS Web Server Plesk Admin Panel is protected by 2 factor authentication using Google Authenticator. After replacing/losing the phone you can no longer generate the requested verification code. After replacing/losing the phone you can no longer generate the requested verification code.

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using Google Authenticator using Google Authenticator on CentOS 7. authentication for OPENVPN client nopass git clone up two-factor authentication in on CentOS 7 Authenticator for How connect the VPN by module pam.

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suporte de autenticação de dois fatores utilizado pelo Google, pode ser usado também no serviço de OpenVPN do Linux. Dentro das configurações do servidor, pode-se usar a biblioteca do PAM, onde este fará a interação com a biblioteca do Google para autenticar o usuário, sem a necessitando de acesso a internet para concluir o acesso do usuário ao recurso.

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