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American Saddlery and Big Horn Saddlery have hand made close to a million saddles since the 1960's! Combining quality craftsmanship with modern equine industry innovations. With comfort for both rider and horse in mind, our saddles are made in the United States of America – in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Unlike many old A-frame saddles of this era, the gullet on this old west collectible measures almost 6 inches across, and the shoulders flare well. The seat measures 13.5 inches, and the high back cantle is both steep and tall, measuring a full 5 inches. This is a heavy, well made saddle, a great collectible dating back to the old west era.

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Sep 23, 2015 · A top-level gruppo is worth instant kudos, so the idea of upgrading it is always a tempting one. And it makes sense enough if only because groupsets wear over time and need replacing.

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From Middle English sadel, from Old English sadol, from Proto-Germanic *sadulaz, from Proto-Indo-European *sod-dʰlo-, from Proto-Indo-European *sed- ("to sit") + *-dʰlom (instrumental suffix). Cognate with Scots sadil, Saterland Frisian Soadel, West Frisian seal, Dutch zadel, Low German Sadel...Jun 10, 2013 · Restoring old war saddles and unlocking secrets By Lorraine Horsley and Rebecca Brewin The Goldfields War Museum has been restoring saddles used in the Boer War and First and Second World Wars.

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Reclaimed Worn Saddle Brown Siding. Our ready-to-install Worn Saddle Brown barn wood siding is an elegant addition to any home or business. We reclaim this material from seasoned barns in the south-east and mill it to perfection for easy DIY installation.

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Antique saddles have been ruined by machine stitching, and you should be prepared to bear the cost of fine hand stitching with linen thread. You can choose between saddlemakers who specialize in restoration of antique saddles or you can take your collectible to the saddlemaker who can "fix up any old saddle". Any part on an antique saddle can ... Aug 01, 2020 · Saddle soap is commonly used on saddles and other horse equipment called “tack,” but it can also be used on tough leather items like leather shoes, belts, or furniture. Since saddle soap both cleans and conditions leather, it removes dirt from leather exterior, and helps keep leather supple and well-conditioned. [1]

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