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This can be the narrow band O2 sensor (O2 INPUT) on the ECU (pin 19), or one of the NEMU ADC inputs. If "O2 INPUT" selected, the 0-5V wideband output requires a divide by 2 voltage divider before the narrow band O2 sensor ECU input. TYPE - Specify the type of wideband sensor connected. FILTER - This sets the input smoothing filter count (max=7).

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Feb 01, 2010 · At idle that voltage should read 0.1-0.9 volts oscillating quickly back and forth roughly once every second. At 2000 rpm it should run between 0.4 and 0.5 volts max (in park). A digital meter can NOT be used for reading the O2 sensor voltage, but it can be used to test the grounds and the 12-14 volts to the heater.

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The O2 sensor switches back and forth from lean to rich fast. Error Code P0157 is set when the PCM determines that the O2 sensor has been in low voltage longer than specified time. This means the signal voltage Bank 2 Sensor 2 of the O2 sensor is below normal. Common Symptoms. Check Engine light is the most obvious symptom for Error Code P0157.

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High O2 sensor voltage does indicate rich. A working O2 sensor and PCM will have the voltage oscillating around ~450mV but only with the sensor hot and the engine off idle. I would: Check the O2 sensor operation away from idle eg. at light load operation eg. normal driving with gentle accel. and cruise. Perform a check for any fault codes. The O2 sensor is a very temperature sensitive device with readings taken when it is below 570º being inaccurate. As a result, the engine controller stays in Open Loop mode. To counteract this problem, the O2 sensor is equipped with a heating element to heat the ceramic sensing element.

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(Chapters 4 and 5) Fuel Trim and Oxygen Sensor Testing (Chapter 6) Temperature Sensor, Thermistor Circuit Tests (Chapter 7) Potentiometer-position sensor tests TPS, EVP, APP, VAF etc (Chapter 8) Pressure Sensor Testing, MAP, BARO, DPFE, fuel tank and rail pressure sensors (Chapters 9, 10 and 11) The 5v Reference and Signal Circuit Quick Tests

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yesterday my emissions warning light came on my dashboard, I have done the pedal test which came out with code 0136 which is Oxygen O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1, Sensor 2) I have spoken to a garage who has told me (without looking at it) that I need a new sensor, he has quoted me £25 for the sensor and £25 for the labour. Dec 28, 2010 · Fine so far. Code P1646 came up, tried to reset, but was having none of it as it would return afer second start up. So, brought new o2 sensor as per reading (Gray plugged one) started up, reset code, and the bloody light came back on again. So, thinking I had brought / misunderstood reading, I purchased the other sensor (Black Plug).

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