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Node.js makes it easy to do so but I am going to focus on the cloning strategy in this article and explore the built-in tools available in Node.js to implement it. Inside the restartWorker function, we got a reference to the worker to be restarted and since we will be calling this function recursively to form a...

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Learn how to automatically restart node js using nodemon. Don't waste your time manually restarting your node application everytime you make a change. Instead, use nodemon to watch your files and restart your application every time it detects a change.

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Dec 17, 2019 · And this pretty much instructs Node.js to end a process with a specified exit code. Julián: And there is the other one, which is a process.abort. With the process.abort, it's going to cause Node.js process to exit immediately and generate the core file, if your operating system has core dumps enabled.

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Feb 28, 2019 · Node.js Application as a Service. Configuring an application as a service has many advantages. The Node.js application starts on boot and continuously runs for as long as your system is ON. For running the Node.js application as a service, you require an additional package. The package will perform the actual job of starting and re-starting ... Express is the Node.js framework we will use to create the actual API endpoints, so we will need to The server response functions are stored in the res parameter. In this case we are using res.send to If you're getting an error, make sure to restart your server with ctrl+c followed by a node index.js.

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Step#9: Code the ⚡Azure Function with Node.js# Now let’s code our Azure function. I’m adding all the main code lives inside the index.js file for the purpose of this demo. Also going to use the context object as the first parameter, make sure you read about that. Everything else is explained in the code snippet below.

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server restart; minification; How to Run the Gulp Tasks. A) Start the server with gulp. $ gulp or $ gulp dev Make some change to a file and see it restart. B) Run the minify task $ gulp minify_js In your node setup, look in the corresponding directory for the generated file bundle.js. gulpfile.js

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