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NCT U + Yuta and Johnny Reaction when they find out that you have self harm scars (Quando eles descobrem que você tem cicatrizes de auto-mutilação) Please don't self harm :c ~Adm Rabbit~ Taeil: When he saw the scar appearing through the sleeve he hold you wrist, gived you a hug and whispered "Why?" // Quando ele viu a cicatriz ...

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You eloquently put out all my reasoning why I feel the reaction to that video was beyond unfair and added a lot of other excellent points too! I learned from this post and if you don't mind, will link it in the future (and if you'd rather I didn't, which fair given the hostility of the situation, may I use some of your points?) cause I know ...

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NCT U reaction to their s/o being too nice. @zanzaalk asked: Hi! Could you possibly do the same reaction of their s/o being too nice but for nct ( any unit) thank you! ( ^ω^) love this blog so much xox A/N:Hello! I hope you don't mind me doing NCT U. Thank you!:):) ~~~~~ Ten- "Babe, step away from the person is using you as a servant"

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When you looked over Junmyeon was standing there looking at you. You thought it was your imagination until he walked towards you. He pushed the stranger away and hugged you. You pushed him away and said no, but he started yelling at you for not being careful. The guy who had just saved you pushed his chest telling him to calm down. The NCT counsellor running the course was explaining about birthing plans where you write down what you want to happen - he picked on this as being a legally enforceable contract and got more and more irritated as she was unable to tell him whether his course of legal action was against the staff or the hospital if they failed to follow the ...

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NCT REACT: When you run to him for comfort. Scene: You've been having a really bad day and things just seem to be getting worse.You usually don't bother him while you're both working but near the edge of containing your emotions you spot him a little ways off and run over to him post haste.

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Dianna - Teaching Upper Elem. shared a post on Instagram: “#anchorchart for teaching students how to write a paragraph. Easy #teacherhack for teaching writing…” • Follow their account to see 1,547 posts.

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