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From renewable energy sources like photovoltaics, wind, biofuels, and fuel cells to the application of advanced materials making the exploration, production, and transportation of oil and gas more efficient, our products and services help provide better performance, reliability, lower cost, improved safety, and a reduced environmental footprint.

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Aug 26, 2020 · DUPONT/NASON BASECOAT. FLEET WHITE. Lacquer Clear Coat Lacquer Paint Marine Paint. (PAINT AND REDUCER ONLY). 2:1 -, 2 PARTS PAINT, 1 PART REDUCER. Paint ' N ' More. GALLON KIT. MIX RATIO.

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Decide how many ounces of paint you want to mix and refer to the paint manufacturer's recommendations for mixing that amount. Your Nason mixing pail will be marked in 6:1:1 (paint, catalyst, reducer) ratio measurements for a number of amounts. You just need to choose the amount you wish to mix and pour in the materials.

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Proudly made in Wuppertal - Germany, Standox is one of Europe's leading car refinishing brands, offering excellent paint technology in more than 80 countries.

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4] Always keep to the recommended mixing ratios. 5] See section on ”Aftercare of Paintwork". 6] Always keep to the recommended coat thickness and drying times. 7] Check air circulation, replace floor and ceiling filters if necessary. If in doubt, consult you spray booth manufacturer.

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how do you mix nason base coat properly? it state to mix 8:1/2:4, none of the mixing cups i've got have an 1/2 mark on it. the only way i can think to mix it properly is to double the amount of color and reducer in oz's to get a whole oz in activator, which ends up being way to much paint for one coat.

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