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Several Matlab toolboxes exist for testing these ideas – MPC toolbox by Morari and Ricker – extensive analysis and design tools. – MPCtools 32 enables some MPC simulation and is free 32 Johan Akesson: ”MPCtools 1.0 - Reference Manual”.

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MPCTools for Octave/Matlab Download from the MPCTools Downloads page and unzip into installdir . You should now have a folder called installdir/mpctools .

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The MPCtools Matlab toolbox. The MPCtools reference manual; The CVX Matlab toolbox; The CVXGEN toolbox; The QPgen toolbox..... Schedule . Feb 20, 12:30: Introduction meeting Mar 9, 10:30: Introduction to MPC. Before this meeting you should have read the following material: Slides from lectures 1 and 6 in EL2700 (+ lectures 2-5 if needed).

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To use MPCTools, the file import_mpctools.m and the directory +mpctools should be placed in the same directory, and that directory should be added to the Octave/Matlab path. This is the MSR Identity Toolbox: A MATLAB toolbox for speaker-recognition research. Last published: October 17, 2013.

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The simulation platform is MATLAB and simulation time is 120 sampling time. The sampling time is Ts = 0.05s, mutation probability is Pc =0.1, population size is 100, maximum generation is 100, and the fitness value is 1/(J+1). Improved Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on Genetic Algorithm 57. 400. 350

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Any Matlab lti model can be loaded into the GUI, including transfer function (tf), state space (ss), and zero-pole-gain (zpk) models. ... MPCtools 1.0 - Reference ... MPCTools is a control and estimation tool for linear and nonlinear dynamic models. Model predictive control hierarchy consists of three components: the estimator, the target calculator and the regulator. MPCTools provides an interface to CasADi solvers for each of these components to facilitate simulation of MPC on any system of interest.

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