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Mouse Wheel Event Demo. 3. Mouse drag and draw. 4. Move Shape with mouse. 5. MouseDrag -- implement simple mouse drag in a window. 6.

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Returns true if the meta key was down when the mouse event was fired. MouseEvent.movementX Read only The X coordinate of the mouse pointer relative to the position of the last mousemove event. MouseEvent.movementY Read only The Y coordinate of the mouse pointer relative to the position of the last mousemove event. MouseEvent.offsetX Read only

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Aug 18, 2007 · on Simulate mouse moves and clicks. You can move mouse cursor and simulate clicking programmatically using just one simple procedure. In code below is one simple example to activate Start menu. Mouse cursor is moved to left-bottom corner of screen and then the left mouse button is “pressed and released”. Of course, this example will work only if you have “standard” Start menu position (bottom of screen), but example just shows the principle.

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PgDn: Move focus to the same date of the following view. If that date does not exist, focus is placed on the last date of the month. Home: Move to the first date of the view. End: Move to the last date of the view. Enter/Space: Select date. Ctrl+Up: Move to an upper mode. Ctrl+Down: Move to a lower mode. Esc: Will close popup, and move focus to the input.

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Explain why the universe must be an isolated system to obey the law of conservation of mass.

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you have to move the mouse pointer on top of the current control in focus programmatically... try to use the MOUSE CLICK AT nRow, nCol.

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