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May 25, 2017 · Use captions. All students benefit from captions and especially those who are Deaf or hearing-impaired, plus those with English as a second language. To cater for these students it is important to use only captioned multimedia such as TV, online video and DVDs. Captions provide vital access to multimedia content.

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Apr 05, 2019 · Here are a few ways that administrators, teachers, and parents can help students with dyslexia prepare for the ACT test. How Administrators Can Help Students with a language-based learning...

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The term dyslexia originates from “dys” meaning “difficulties with” and “lexia” meaning “words”. Characteristic features of dyslexia include immature phonological knowledge, verbal memory, and processing speeds. Dyslexia may affect a student’s reading comprehension, vocabulary development, writing and spelling.

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Many students have difficulty writing with ballpoint pens, preferring pencils or pens with more friction in contact with the paper, such as mechanical pencils. Use graph paper for math or turn lined paper sideways to help with lining up columns of numbers. Encourage primary students to use paper with raised lines to keep writing on the line. require colour themes or colour contrast modifications, they should access the public demonstration site tests to identify the colour theme they are familiar with and use every day in the classroom, or whether tests printed on coloured paper are still required. Students who require braille are able to access hard copy braille tests.

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Students with dyslexia are often right brain dominant and use different reading patterns that do not fully utilize the left brain. By connecting visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues to a concept, multiple areas of the brain are activated. These new connections strengthen the left brain and help them improve their ability to remember information.

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Accommodations provide the student with dyslexia effective and . equitable access. to grade-level or course instruction in the general education classroom. Accommodations are . not one size fits all; rather, the impact of dyslexia on each individual student determines the necessary accommodation. Provide audio recordings of books, including textbooks - Reading for students with Dyslexia is a cognitive task and because we can only do one cognitive activity at a time, they are working so hard decoding text that they are not comprehending what they are reading.

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