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I kinda ended up half-assing my palico as I had assumed this game would let me get a bunch of Policos. I have around 40 hours in my file, but I am willing to make a new file if I can't change the Palico - hopefully I wont have to, tho...

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It basically laughs in the face of Capcom's imposed 20 minute expedition monster timer by allowing players to intentionally throw themselves at tough monsters (intentionally dying) while it's equipped to their Palico until the monster leaves (or is defeated). After that, you go back to camp and collect the FREE rewards. Consequence free.

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We all know there's no way to change character or palico names in mhw But I've heard rumors that if there's enough support around the issue, Capcom will make something to allow you to change said names I dunno about everyone else but I'd personally pay to have my name changed at this point cause I'm to far in the game to restart now.

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The introduction of Power Axe mode allows Charge Blade to play in a different way than the SAED focused play style that dominated vanilla MHW. Because SAED immediately removes Power Axe mode, playing in Savage Axe style means greater use of AED for countering after guard points and looping Elemental Discharge 2 and Rising Slash on toppled monsters.

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You'll be presented with your character as base and the same customization screen as when you start the game from scratch, except you can't change your Name, your Palico's Name and its appearance. Vouchers are only consumed when finalizing the editing, so you can cancel the process freely at any time.In this tab you can click on your hunter’s name and start typing to change it. You can change your palico’s name in the same way, by clicking on it or selecting it. Character Editor tab. In this screen you can edit you character’s appearance. This screen is divided in two panels.

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