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Methocel is an accepted food additive used as an emulsifying agent to prevent separation of two mixed liquids. Besides, methocel is used as a gelling additive and thickener in food applications. Methocel is used as a texturizing agent to provide volume and puffiness to the baked goods and also to improve the freshness of the products.

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Visita: Acerca de Grupo Gylsa S.A. de C.V. Grupo GYLSA SA de CV Calle: Av. Río Lerma 32 Col. Industrial Tlaxcolpan Tlalnepantla, Estado de México C. P. 54030 Tel.: +52(55) 5611 4565 Fax: +52(55) 5384 219 U Ultrasperse-M Emulsificante

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Espesante de metilcelulosa de grado alimenticio. Genera una viscosidad de 1.500 cP a bajos niveles de adición.

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a 2 crates cellulose hpmc methocel k99-fg -bag gross weight: 560, 000 kg net ... methocel (tm) mx 0209 food grade modified cellulose 50 lb bag / 30 per pallet united ...

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What is claimed is: 1. A meat-like food product, wherein the meat-like food product comprises at least about 25% by weight of one or more meat structured protein products bound together by at least about 0.1% by weight of one or more binding agents in a manner that produces meat-like food products that have one or more similar or superior attributes compared to animal meat.

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Methocel MX в сухом виде Рекомендации во время приготовления: Необходимо дать время в начале процесса, чтобы белок мяса связал воду, иначе будет конкурировать с Methocel MX по воде methocel sg a7c fg food 9004-67-5 618-391-7 Dow Pharma & Food Solutions 22.68 Kg voor leveringen buiten de Benelux methocel bind 250 (e461) food 9004-67-5 618-391-7 15 Kg: methocel k99 fg food 9004-65-3 618-389-6 20 Kg: methocel mx 0209 food 9004-67-5 618-391-7 15 Kg

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