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You don't often see an M32 Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher being used side by side with an old-school M79 Grenade Launcher . Taken outside Ramadi in 2006 where we (3d Bn, 8th Marines) were conducting a 40mm shoot to farm on the M32, which were being fielded to us at the time.

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The USMC adopted the Milkor USA M32A1 rotary multiple grenade launcher (MGL) in 2012. The history of this weapon goes back to South Africa, where designer Andries Piek was inspired to create it after building […]

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The stock can be removed and replaced with a receiver endplate; a rotary drum with apertures from the MP5A2 can also be used. Larger caliber versions. In 1991, Heckler & Koch introduced the MP5/10 (chambered in 10mm Auto) and MP5/40 (chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge), which are based on the MP5A4 and MP5A5.

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m32 | m32 | m325 | m320 | m32 rotary | m325 logitech | m322 | m32r | m322x | m329dw | m32a1 | m324762b | m320 grenade launcher | m325 mouse | m32 grenade launch But judging by suggested velocities (1500-1650m/sec), and comparing that to other 76mm and 90mm guns currently used (3" M32 has a tungsten sabot round it fires @ 1433m/sec, the South African G6 gun on the Rooikat supposedly musters around 1600m/sec, various 90mm APFSDS rounds suggest high 1300s to just over 1500m/sec),

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Catalogue of Standard Ordnance Items, Second STANDAHI) 4!UitDNANC:E sl3cONII) MBITION vo1AmlE 1944 IIP * Office Chief of the of Ordnance Technical Division WASHINGTON, D. C. FIXED b FLEXlBLE R RtCHT BROWNiNG T his air-cooled weapon is a Standard item for installation in all types of air craft in either fixed or flexible mounts, but since the trend in aircraft armament has been steadily toward ...

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*Loads m32 rotary grenade launcher with malicious intent* LitPhoenix said: I reckon if some people helped out, we could get a decent chest route for every map Jan 17, 2012 · The M32 MGL is the grenade launcher of choice for the U.S. Military. Its rotating revolver-like cylinder provides reliable and high volume explosive-laden firepower with devastating accuracy. This firearm, a NFA regulated destructive device, has never been available for civilian sale before.

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