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May 13, 2011 · The most likely source is a faulty central heating pump, but I can hear the neighbours pump going even when the humming is stopped and no water is gushing out of the drain pipe suggesting a washing machine spin isn't the cause either. At least it was off late last night.

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May 02, 2017 · Question Optical drive's extremely loud buzzing noise when turning on pc. Components: 1: Jun 6, 2020: N: Question Weird Electric buzzing sound comming from my pc: Components: 7: Jun 5, 2020 [SOLVED] My PC makes a loud buzzing noise. Components: 3: Apr 18, 2020: D: Question PC making weird buzzing noise after resuming from sleep mode: Components ...

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Jun 15, 2011 · Check nuts and bolts for tightness, check any heat shields, check the heat shield on the down tube - the spotwelds break and it makes an annoying rattle, check the yolk on the front of the differential - if it wobbles the rearend is a goner.

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The different noise is either coming from a component that IS affected by the direction of travel - something in the transmission - or the way in which the clutch is being used - I know that I tend to slip the clutch much more when reversing as opposed to starting off forwards - which is what you also say, but I assume that the original ...

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In Europe and in the rest of the world the AC frequency is at 50 Hz: people there are used to hearing the 50 Hz humming noise. I really like this noise generator it's very soothing and it's really helped me when I'm anxious or when I'm having sensory issues.

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Some cars that do have that clicking noise, sometimes a knocking noise is all a matter of bad or defective engine and/or transmission mounts. The Fiat 500 is obviously a new car so maybe they have defective mounts? Might be a recall on this. don't take what i said to heart, it's just what i experienced with other cars in the past.

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