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K03 Turbo - Der absolute Gewinner ... 1034084 Edelstahl Rohrkrümmer Turbo Krümmer 1,8T Upgrade A4 A6 K03 ... Turbo Ladegerät Repair Rebuild Rebuilt Kit KKK K03 K04 ...

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This turbo kit includes: (4) GTS 610cc Dual Spray Cone Injectors (1) GTS High Flow Exhaust Manifold (4) USCAR to Jetronic Adapters (1) GTS TT225 Silicone Turbo Inlet Pipe Gonzo Tuning Stage 3 Software (1) GTTx-015 Hybrid Turbocharger. This coupled with an exhaust upgrade is is ALL you need to for your B5/B6 to make over 270whp with pump gas.

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How to Setting easy K03/K04 Turbo (Wastegate Setting) Audi s3,Seat,VW,Skoda...

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SuperVolcano Upgrade Kit. 0 in stock / 0 available with short delay. The SuperVolcano upgrade kit is fully compatible with the E3D HotEnd range. Attach with ease to your V6, Titan Aero, Titan Aqua, Chimera+ or Hemera.

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The compressor inlet on the K03 is minimally narrower than on the K04. In addition, the compressor housing is smaller, as is the exhaust housing. In addition, you can clearly see that the exhaust gas turbine is smaller in the K03 than in the K04. Then I noticed that the K03 turbo have a blue nameplate and the K04 turbo an orange.

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Twin Journal Bearing for Rebuild Repair Kit KKK K03 K04 eBay.Brand new Single & Twin Journal Bearings for KKK K03 K04 Turbo Rebuild Kit .For A3 1.8T / A3 1.8T Upgrade / A3 1.8T FSI / A3 TDI .S3 / S3 2.0T FSI .A4 1.8T / A4 1.8T Quat

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