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Why do you think you need to use either Hibernate or jOOQ. You can easily combine them so that you use Hibernate for write operations, and jOOQ for advanced SQL queries and bulk processing (e.g. MERGE, UPSERT, MySQL batch inserts with IDENTITY column).

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PostgreSQL INSERT ON CONFLICT UPDATE(upsert)使用所有排除的值 ; 2. 如何在PostgreSQL中的UPSERT(MERGE,INSERT … ON DUPLICATE UPDATE)? 3. postgresql – Postgres使用JSONB INSERT ON CONFLICT ; 4. 在Postgresql中执行upsert时,在ON CONFLICT子句中未使用部分索引 ; 5. java – 在PostgreSQL使用jOOQ的UPSERT ; 6.

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If events naturally comes in batch of many events: use batch API. If events do not naturally comes in batch of many events: simply stream events. Do not try to batch them unless network IO is constrained. If a latency of 0.1 seconds is a concern: move the call to Event Hubs away from your critical performance path.

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Processing two files in a spring batch; Codeigniter: download file and redirect; laravel first0rNew Integrity Constraint Violation; Get digested asset_path in model or controller; Django User Update Form and View; Working with raw bytes from a network in go; Initialisation in Member Initializer List [duplicate] Drop oldest partition ...

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