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Jest는 beforeAll, afterAll, beforeEach, afterEach의 4가지 전역 함수를 제공하며, 이를 통해 테스트 코드 전후를 제어할 수 있습니다. beforeAll과 afterAll은 선언된 describe 범위 안에서 전후 동작하며, beforeEach와 afterEach는 선언된 describe 범위 안에서 각 test 단위 전후로 동작합니다.

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Jest adds the inlineSnapshot string argument to the matcher in the test file (instead of an external .snap file) the first time that the test runs. Check out the section on Inline Snapshots for more info..toStrictEqual(value) Use .toStrictEqual to test that objects have the same types as well as structure.

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jest 在运行前会检查是否安装 babel,如果安装了会去取 .babelrc 文件,结合 babel 将代码进行转化,运行转化后的代码。 3. jest 默认配置. npx jest --initjest 模式. jest --watchAll:当发现测试文件变动,将所有测试文件重新跑一遍

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React, Jest, Enzyme - React Component Testing Boilerplate: React-Jest-Enzyme-Testing_Boilerplate.js. Explore Channels Plugins & Tools Pro Login About Us.

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Aug 31, 2011 · This uses a handful of Underscore.js functions to slice and dice arguments and expects our appNamespace.jasmine.sharedExamples object to exist.. This checks to see that our example group exists, and if it doesn’t, it creates a failing test case warning us about it.

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Jest sorts snapshots by name in the corresponding .snap file. .toMatchInlineSnapshot(propertyMatchers?, inlineSnapshot) Ensures that a value matches the most recent snapshot. The mock itself will still record all calls that go into and instances that come from itself – the only difference is that the implementation will also be executed when the mock is called. Note: `jest.fn(implementation)` is a shorthand for `jest.fn().mockImplementation(implementation)`.

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