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Porous and smooth TiO2 film electrodes prepared by sol-gel method were used on methyl orange degradation by an electro-assisted photocatalytic degradation process.

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Dec 03, 2016 · The term “strong electrolyte” means that the substance is extremely reactive. A strong acid solution consists of only partially ionized acid molecules. The term “weak electrolyte” means that the substance is inert. A molecular compound that does not ionize in solution is considered a strong electrolyte.

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LUIS M: a strong electrolyte comes form the ionization of a salt from a strong acid and base. Strong. NaCl . KAL(SO4)2. KNO3 . Cu(NO3)2 . Weak. CaSO4 . NH4NO3 Exercise 2 Calculate ° for a weak electrolyte NH4OH from the ° values for these strong electrolytes: NH4Cl: 149.7; NaCl: 126.5 and NaOH: 248.10 Kohlrausch also stated at infinite dilution when the dissociation complete, • each ion makes a definite contribution towards molar conductance of the electrolyte irrespective of the nature of the ...

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The difference between the two is that muriatic acid is a strong acid and vinegar is a weak acid. Muriatic acid is strong because it is very good at transferring an H + ion to a water molecule. In a 6 M solution of hydrochloric acid, 99.996% of the HCl molecules react with water to form H 3 O + and Cl - ions.

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6. Write a balanced equation for the dissociation of each of the following strong electrolytes in water: a. KCI b. CaC12 c. K3P04 7. Indicate whether aqueous solutions of each of the following solutes contain only ions, only molecules, molecules and a few ions. a. NH4Cl, a strong electrolyte O b. ethanol, C2H50H, a nonelectrolyte

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