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In the column where you want the dividend yield, =IF(NOT(ISBLANK($B2)),iferror(index(index(importhtml(concat(concat("[",$B2),"/dividend-history"),"table",3),2,3))\*4/$C2,IFERROR(index(index(importhtml(concat(concat("",$B2),"/dividend-history"),"table",0),2,3))\*4/$C2,"N/A")),"")

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MSFT Dividend Yield % as of today (December 25, 2020) is 0.94%. In depth view into Microsoft Dividend NAS:MSFT' s Dividend Yield % Range Over the Past 10 Years Min: 0.87 Med: 2.31 Max...

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See which dividend stocks have the highest yield. Dividend rate and dividend yield are annualized. Click on any stock's ticker to pull up a stock quote and more information.

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Piensijoittajan sijoitusblogi säästämisestä ja varallisuuden kerryttämisestä. Tavoitteena toimivan sijoitussalkun rakentaminen sekä vaurastuminen osakkeiden ja rahastosäästämisen avulla. Dividend yield is an expression comparing the price of a company's stock to the dividend it pays. Dividend yield obviously changes as a stock price changes on the stock market, so know that when...

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Sep 30, 2020 · Dividend yield can be thought of as an "interest rate" on a stock. To get started, you'll need to find the current price per share of the stock you're analyzing. For publicly-traded companies (Apple, for instance), you can find the latest stock price by checking the website of any major stock index (e.g., NASDAQ or S&P 500) [5] X Research source

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