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On-board data logging. The ability to alter fuel curves, ignition curves, rev limiters and other engine parameters is the ultimate for fine tuning a performance engine. Ignition Timing Overview: Ignition timing is the point at which the spark plug ignites the fuel in A common problem is when the ECU jumps to the knock maps during tuning.

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Pulled ignition module, had tested at Advance, came back faulty. Replaced with new one one turn of key, same results, removed new module, had tested, faulty. Advance replaced, no charge. Installed replacement, after checking pick-up coil. Pick-up coil was bad also (burned areas). Installed new pick-up with new module, one turn of key.

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How to Test an Ignition Module. Step 1 - Locate Ignition Module. To locate the ignition module, refer to a wiring diagram for your vehicle's particular make and model. Step 2 - Check Module Current. Ground the negative lead from your DVOM to the vehicle's metal frame. Step 3 - Check Spark Plug Current.

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Yesterday I swapped out the Ignition Coil, the small wire harness between Ignition Coil and Ignition Control Module (ICM), and the Electronic Control Module (ECM) from my '87 GT parts car. Still no spark. I have the spare distributor also from the '87 GT parts car, which appears to be a newer aftermarket unit. I will swap that out next.

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An ignition control module (ICM) is a computer that controls the ignition coil or the ignition coil's ... Common indicators of a bad ignition control module are: ... To test, use a voltmeter to check for power at the control module with the ignition on.

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A faulty ignition control module can cause a number of problems. 1. Check engine light is on: The ECM monitors all parts of the vehicle that could affect emissions. This includes the ignition system. If it determines the ignition module has caused a problem with the system, it will turn on the check engine light.. 2.

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