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1) A user cannot change their username/@mentionname (easily or at all) as all mentions use the user login as reference 2) Users MUST ALWAYS use the @mentionname to mention another user, they cant use the display name like facebook 3) Users are stuck with the username they registered with, this particularly sucks for auto generated usernames ...

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May 11, 2004 · Hope someone can help please – I need a data validation formula that does the following: In the cell that the data validation is applied to ie K15 I want the length of the entry to be two digits and if cell h15 is not empty then to equal the first two digits of cell h15. If cell h15 is empty then I just want the entry in K15 to be 2 digits long.

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The organization: AC-2 (7)(a) Establishes and administers privileged user accounts in accordance with a role-based access scheme that organizes allowed information system access and privileges into roles; AC-2 (7)(b) Monitors privileged role assignments; and AC-2 (7)(c) Takes [Assignment: organization-defined actions] when privileged role assignments are no longer appropriate.

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VHDL keywords: invoke built-in templates User keywords: invoke user models (see option `vhdl-model-alist')" :type '(set (const :tag "VHDL keywords" vhdl) (const :tag "User model keywords" user)) :set (lambda (variable value) (vhdl-custom-set variable value 'vhdl-mode-abbrev-table-init)) :group 'vhdl-template) (defcustom vhdl-optional-labels ... Name Flags Card. Type Description & Constraints; Organization: 0..: An organisation in an Australian healthcare context: identifier: 0.. (Slice Definition) Organisation identifiers

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Note however that even if you opt for a validator managed by the test bed, it may still be interesting to create a Docker image for development purposes (e.g. to test new validation artefact versions) or to make available to your users as a complementary service (i.e. use online or download and run locally).

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