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When straightening anything hardened like an axle make sure to place your blocks further apart and place the foot of the press directly ontop of the bend. If your blocks are too close together you WILL snap the axle.

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It should be a splined axle held in with a c clip. To remove you will need to loosen the axle at the knuckle, take a pry bar and pry the axle out of the trans. You will hear a click as the c clip disengages.

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Straighten Bent Housings. Straighten Axle shafts. Weld Up Grooves. Remove broken bolts. Spindle Replacement. Shorten & Legnthen Housings. Tube Replacement.

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Apr 30, 2010 · How to Fix Bike Pedal Problems. The four most common pedal problems solved. By zach white. ... Saving Tweak: You probably bent the pedal axle. Replace it. FROM NOW ON . 1.

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i have bent the rear axle shaft on my atv 75 thousands on the end it is bent at a step and start of a spline 6 in from the end i can buy the shaft for... how to straighten a shaft. Thread starter capt.ron.

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The rear differential of my 2011 Ford Escape was leaking before and after I changed the gear oil, replaced the gasket, and reopened the vent. But it’s all good now. I put 1oz of Oil Stop Leak in and after driving about 120 miles, I noticed the leak was gone. A $20 fix to a $600 quote to replace my axle seals. Thanks! Trailer axles typically have the bow you mentioned in them to help compensate for the vertical load they bear and still have proper wheel camber. This way when the load is put on them the axle will flatten out and the wheels will be aligned properly.

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