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Jun 15, 2011 · increasing time out value in parameter is not a good choice. it results in degrading of system performance. Faulty Z program should be analyzed or let the user run report by entering limited date period or other values in selection screen to avoid heavy volume of data fetching. user may try to run report by splitting in multiple sessions.

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Mar 11, 2015 · Turn on the ignition, and let the engine idle for 15 minutes. Do not step on the gas pedal. Let the vehicle run, and do no operate any accessories or electronics. After 15 minutes, turn the ignition off and immediately back on. This will allow the key to reset the ECU. Step 3 – Drive the vehicle. Drive the vehicle as normal.

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No engine fires every cylinder 100% of the time. Misfires can occur at idle, when the engine is pulling hard under load, at high rpm and during throttle transitions as the air/fuel mixture changes. A few misfires are to be expected under these conditions, and should cause no major performance problems or significant increase in emissions.

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The idle position info is used for things like "fuel cut" action, when you take your foot off the gas pedal. To check, turn the ignition on and put a voltmeter between ground and the green/red wire on the switch connector. Should read about 12 volts. Now put the voltmeter on the light green /red wire.

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Every engine needs three things to run and idle smoothly without stalling: a correct air/fuel ratio, sufficient idle speed for the idle load, and a good spark. If any of these is lacking, the engine may stall. Cold stalling problems are the most common because the engine needs a richer fuel mixture to maintain idle speed until it warms up. Check the boxes named: Start the task only if the computer is idle for Stop if the computer ceases to be idle Select the time from the drop-down (you can select the time as of your choice) but I have selected 1 hour

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